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9:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.

Monday to Friday

Toronto, ON


About MNS Investments Ltd.

We have identified a need to disrupt the traditional methods of investments available for today’s savvy investor. Your local bank cannot adapt to today’s organic investment environment. We do not believe in the investment vehicles that worked for the generations of yesterday. We offer customized investment portfolio management, private equity investment solutions, small business development and professional sports management. Our depth of services seems a little unconventional, but so are we. Contact MNS today to discover the right way to build your future. “ Think Global, not local”.

Our Expert Team

Our investment experts constantly evaluate the best ways to put your money to work.

Abaseen Alekozai

Co-Founder/ Co-CEO
After a number of years working in both the insurance and financial industry, most recently as a member of Sunlife and then CIBC, Abaseen Alekozai gained valuable insight and experience that influenced him to co-found MNS Investments LTD along with his friend and business partner Suren Padayachee.  With year by year success and positive returns on investment for clients, MNS Investments LTD was formed to continue that success and build upon that customized client experience. Diversification is key with short to long term investment options and plans available, MNS Investments aims to provide high capital gains and returns for its clients.

Suren Padayachee

Co-Founder/ Co-CEO
Having worked in one of Canada’s major financial institutions and a background in finance and accounting, Suren has developed a passion for investments and business development. Success in wealth management and small business advising has led Suren to co-found MNS Investments LTD with friend and business partner Abaseen Alekozai. MNS Investments was created to fill a need to provide modern avenues of investing that the banks cannot. Not every client is the same so not every financial plan should be the same either. We tailor to you and plan for you, the client. MNS offers an “outside the box” approach to our financial planning that aims to provide high capital gains and account for today’s and tomorrow’s investment landscape.